Zeni's Art School of Dance

Location Amsterdam

15.30-16.30u modern/jazz age 6-8
16.30-17.30u modern/jazz age 9-12
17.30-18.30u modern/jazz selection team
13.15-14.00u kidsmix age 3,5-5
14.00-15.00u Street/urbandance age 6-8
15.00-16.00u Street/urbandance

age 9-12 advanced

16.00-17.00u Street/urbandance age 9-12
17.00-18.00u Selectie team 13+
19.00-20.00u Ballet-workout adults open level
20.00-21.00u Ballet-workout adults open level
15.30-16.30u Street/urbandance age 6-8
16.30-17.30u Street/urbandance age 9-12 advanced
17.30-18.30u Street/urbandance age 12+ advanced
18.30-19.30u Street/urbandance adults beginners



Location Almere

15.45-16.45u Street/urbandance age 6-9 beginners
16.45-17.45u Street/urbandance age 9-13 advanced
18.45-20.00u Talent class age 15+



The intro-expert class and expert class are each taught twice per week: On Tuesdays 17.30-18.30 and on wedenesdays 17.00-18.00 in Amsterdam. Fridays on 18.45-19.45 and on Mondays 18.45-19.45 in Almere

Is your preferred dance style - for example, jazz or ballet - not listed here? I am happy to start new classes once we have 5 new students signed up. Or are you looking for private lessons? Of course that’s possible too. Email us though the Contact page and let us know what you’re interested in.



Vacation days at Zeni's Art! 2019-2020

Fall vacation
October 19 October - Monday, October 27

Christmas vacation
December 21 - January 5

Spring vacation
February 15 - February 23

Good Friday/Easter
April 10 - April 12

May vacation
April 25 - May 3

Ascension Day
Thursday, May 21

Monday, June 1

Summer vacation
July 4 - August 23

Our class year lasts 37 weeks.